From Bid Strategy to Delivery, where does it all go wrong?


Most of us are familiar with tender processes, proposals and bids whereby our service providers, vendors, and potential partners state their best intentions, ideas how they do things and propose to deliver against your requirements. It is a multi-million dollar business in Australia, globally its billions. Outsourcing is long standing tradition, and over time it has changed, but we still have the same challenges. Traditionally outsourcing 20 years+ back was with one provider, which caused problems. Over time, contracts were split and awarded to various vendors, the birth of multi-vendor contracts and specialist providers won business. But this brought another challenge, how to manage it all, this will be another post about SIAM the go to Operating model.

Service Providers spend a lot of money winning bids and tenders from Government. They have established Bid offices, Bid Managers, Coordinators running around focusing on large Enterprise bids as full-time jobs. The can, and they do hire professionals to help them understand how to win bids, write up methodology templates and how to win work. Bid Management companies are big business. So what do Customers do? How do you get an advantage? Customers quite often are not as prepared as they should, and we wonder why things go wrong. Both sides can be attributed to things going wrong, remember it does take two to tango,

To overcome this challenge implement some clear strategies to ensure smooth delivery from initial intentions to final outcomes. There needs to be a balance of compliance and deliverables without jeopardising important relationships between Provider and Customer. A balanced approach to contract compliance, program deliverables and business outcomes and relationships is required.

I’ll point out some strategies that may help your organisations ensure they are just as ready to go out to tender as Service Providers are. These actions can help you with your tender review, which will elaborate over time;

Tender review

  • Review the language and your requirements
  • Strategy that’s clear as mud, get concise and consistent
  • Choosing a Partner, Vendor or supplier, some tips
  • Contracts ensure deliverables, outcomes and milestones
  • Fostering different business relationships
  • Ensuring you receive Value for Money


Contact ITSMC to discuss your needs. We can help with a workshop and or help define the review required to get your tenders right to achieve the desired results, business outcomes.