Fridays quote:” No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it. ” Andrew Carnegie


Who is Andrew Carnegie? The Scottish-born American industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie was the leader of the American steel industry from 1873 to 1901. He donated large sums of his fortune to educational, cultural, and scientific institutions. But why quote Carnegie? Andrew Carnegie(1835-1919) was one of the first “captains of industry.” A true Leader…

In today’s business world, not enough C-suite people are outright Leaders. They have some elements of real leadership or not enough leadership principles. Principles are important and its what quite often distinguish between what is a boss and a leader! Not everyone is or can be a leader, some do learn over time, and some are just natural. In this article I look at different principles that are vital for leadership – they are not in any particular order;


  1. Authentic; this type of leadership is revealing your true self and not hiding, to those that surround them. It is more so about being open, honest, vulnerable about challenges an organisation may face. But it’s considered, and the intent is to share but also lift others to the challenge. They seek feedback, advice and engage. They are real.
  2. Accountable; the buck stops with them. Nothing else to say here to stay but they own it.
  3. Customer-obsessed; the customer is first and foremost in mind, the customer experience, the journey, and design. They truly value customers.
  4. Hire the best; a real leader will be confident enough to hire the best in the business and allow them to do what it is they were hired to do. Most likely with minimal oversight with enabling them to deliver the vision, ensure collaboration and organisational profitability. They empower & enable! They too are competent!
  5. Vision; they think big; they constantly thinking about the future, they have vision. They have the foresight and look ahead and anticipate whats coming. It’s the bigger picture! They share it and its known. They are visionaries!
  6. Trusted; they without a doubt have absolute integrity. At work, home, or playing sport, it’s a value they hold personally and professionally. Business success built on trust, honesty, and truthfulness. There are never any shortcuts or breaking the rules to become profitable or successful in business.
  7. Humility; a great leader is humble, they recognise and understand it’s a team effort. They never seek to do it all themselves, and more importantly, they ensure credit is given where due. If they make a mistake, they own up and correct.
  8. Cooperation, collaboration; A leader can corral the organisation; they can work with and alongside others. They eloquently influence to seek collaboration between teams. They foster this behaviour, and no doubt this produces results and required outcomes.

All up most great leaders have very high EQ, emotional intelligence! Now that’s another article. More importantly leaders have core values they live by. Leaders are defined by principles and values. Is your leader really a true leader or?

Thank you for reading this article, feel free to forward or comment.