Service Excellence at the core

To commence building towards Service Excellence there needs to be some underlining strategy defined. Many things can be achieved here, starting off with developing your Services Charter. You probably already have some information and values described, why not start there.

First of all what is your company’s value statements? Often designed and forgotten;

  • What are your values, in your vision and mission statements?
  • What do you stand for? What is your company ethos?

These should cascade down from your organisational strategy, thru to tactical; and operational areas of your business. Service Excellence should be defined in your Strategy and linked to your organisational goals and values. Your standards ideally are your belief systems mentioned above. It’s vital to define this, communicate, and train and remind staff of the organisational expectations. Helping develop the right competencies, skills and capabilities are vital. Soft skills courses are vital in these areas. I am working with a client in the area as we speak to help with SIAM implementation whereby certain skills are needed to ensure SI success. More on this later. When you change things to improve ensure OCM, Org change management, ensure you work with your teams/help the change. Much more about this in our SIAM series on soft skills, coming up next. But back to excellence, here are some ideas how!

Customer Service Charter

A services charter is vital to document whereby you can define, develop and publish to your organisation your services expectations. This charter outlines what you can expect from your staff in all things related to customer service, and how you plan professional, reliable and consistent customer service delivered to your customers.

Tip: Use this in your induction programs. Have the info made into posters to ensure its visible and not tucked away in your document management system or portal that no one ever sees or can find! Why create essential messages when it’s not visible to anyone? Our of sight out of mind!

What else?

A Services Charter can include the above, but also:

  • Customer service commitment statements
  • What you promise and will deliver on
  • Your core principles
  • Your code of conduct
  • Your customer service practices
  • Your commitment to quality
  • What your staff will/should do
  • “How can we help you” statements

As well as defining Service Roles and Responsibilities;

  • service champions
  • service leaders
  • service coaches

as well as using service professionals to help improve your Service challenges.

More importantly Guiding principles, the objective of each and metrics to measure for achievement! Also vital to define your stakeholders, what the organisational structure looks like. The key staff as mentioned above and sample activities.

This charter can even be designed on one page – Service Charter on a page – SCoaP!

Make this easy for your customers to be able to contact you! Easy to locate:

  1. Phone number to call you on
  2. Email address to send you details
  3. Postal address, bc some customers, may need to return a faulty product
  4. have an online form  on your website to send you immediate feedback

Also, have a section that just says “We need your feedback”;

  • when we’ve done well and;
  • When we’ve done bad!

o    Note: if it’s a complaint then, please ensure the case ID is logged, please provide your customer with the reference number. Make it official by giving it a reference number ID. Why? Because it starts to move the negative experience into a positive by showing that you care! That you are going to help and deal with their issue. If you need more tips on how to deal with angry customers, please click here, our blog on our website!

Remember it’s the little things that count, go that extra little mile!

  1. Be Responsive
  2. Ensure your staff understand that their role is in Customer Service
  3. Never make the customer feel like they are wrong!
  4. Never argue with them
  5. Never belittle them
  6. Actively listen
  7. Be empathetic
  8. Be consultative
  9. Strive for continuous improvements, a little at a time
  10. Number 10 – drum roll…..

Always, always ask “Is there is anything else I can help you with? “ before closing the call off…..

Remember all of the above plus our other articles, can help you build towards Service Excellence but key ingredients also are:

  • Leadership Excellence
  • Team Excellence
  • Service & or Product Excellence
  • Operational Excellence
  • Brand Excellence

Excellence at the core of your business inbuilt and part of your DNA!

How can we help you? Are you wondering where to start on all of this? Contact us today for a chat on how we can be at your service? 

This wraps up our Customer Service, Service Excellence series… up for us our favourite topic, SIAM. We have years of practical experience and know how. Watch this space!  Happy Monday!