SIAM challenges and opportunities

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) by no means is a new concept it’s been around for quite some time dating back to early 2000s originating from the UK. Some call it a framework, others a methodology and or an operating model. SIAM Body of Knowledge (BoK) was published by Scopism SIAM BoK Foundation 2016, SIAM Pro 201 respectively and branded it officially as a “Management methodology.”

SIAM is a rapidly developing operating model in service management and one that is closely associated with multiple disciplines and frameworks. Including IT service management, enterprise architecture, business domains, organisational change management, PMO with quality management and risk management, governance and more. So yes she’s been around, and yes many Consultants have had exposure or worked with various SIAM programs. Now that it is branded, it will go mainstream.

 It will be the shiny new thing the C-suite will play with until its too hard and then they look for another silver bullet.

My first encounter was with (SI) Service Integration in a multi-vendor environment on strategic bid mid-2000. An enterprise organisation, we’ll call it ACME Travel, needed an SI’s to manage a multi-vendor. We won components of that delivery; we learnt a lot by applying a common sense! Many projects later, we were able to build multiple SIAM models for a customer, I’ve done a few more since then.

My SIAM story; Back in early to mid-2010 there were not many resources available, they were a work in progress, but this is the information found while researching its history, origins and more. More importantly, the other information I developed was my experience on projects/programs in designing and building SI and or SIAM capabilities for an organisation, which I had the pleasure of presenting at the NSW WoG SIG 2017. In 2017 I had the opportunity to chat with Karen Ferris, and we talked all about SIAM. Karen Ferris, KC #25, was all about SIAM. We asked the question ‘Is it really that hard?’ Watch the video

I’ll be writing about the everyday challenges that I have seen over the years. These challenges can be viewed as opportunities to improve. Those top 5, there are many challenges and all will be unique to each organisation, but these are the 5 I have come across when working with organisations that have undertaken building SIAM or SI, they are:

1.   Lack of a clear Strategy

2.   Defining SIAM metrics including behavioural

3.   People and Culture plan and work stream

4.   A commercial review not part of the plan

5.   Governance vs Management challenges

Pop back as I will write about each topic, its difficulties and more importantly the opportunity to fix and or overcome.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please comment or contact me directly for a confidential chat about some ideas to help trigger some ideas for your SIAM woes!

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