SIAM Vendor Bid Assessment

Service Integration & Management (SIAM) is becoming more prevalent in the Australian marketplace as a viable strategic sourcing model for IT consumers. With this, there is a requirement for a holistic understanding of all SIAM service elements and their respective price drivers. All of which are critical for IT Service Providers to bid for a Service Integrator (SI) function as part of a SIAM tender process.

ITSMC and ETBS have identified an opportunity in the market to assist and enable IT vendors with their ‘go-to-market’ SIAM offering by applying anecdotal and practical SIAM bid management experience; leveraging empirical datasets across hundreds of outsourcing contracts and thousands of data points. This level of information allows IT vendors to precisely build a SIAM service that is market compliant and cost and quality competitive.

ETBS’ value to the customer is underpinned by 45 years’ combined practitioner experience in benchmarking managed services environments.

This experience has allowed ETBS to refine specific datasets impacting service management price and quality metrics of processes; quantifying criteria such as:
• statement/scope of work; and the activities performed therein,
• service levels, volumetric data (economies of scale pertaining to supported devices and resources) and
• environmental challenges & complexities into market price drivers and producing context-driven, comparative financial assessments.

ITSMCs value to the customer is 25 years’ experience in Operations, Managed Services and 10+ expertise in SI, SIAM design, implementation and OCM across Government agencies, Corporations & Service Providers. We have experience and believe SIAM; SI services are scalable to small, medium and or large enterprises alike. SIAM is not for everyone; we are here to provide a transparent review of your ecosystem from a managed services provider viewpoint.

We also have extensive experience in strategic bid pursuit opportunities from strategic planning, win themes and innovative services. Over the last ten years, our strategic input/design has successfully helped win customers services and tenders. That’s an 85% tender win rate. We also can you help customer define what is required in bids to help ease their current operational pain points, and managing your service providers to deliver to your business needs. We can help you sell or buy services.

We’re here to help grow your business and increase your bid win rate.