ITSMC is a boutique consultancy team of experts, who are experienced and qualified and have done the hard yards within Enterprise Organisations. We have lead consulting practices, won multi-million deals with our thought leadership, innovative services and designs.

We now offer services both Large and Small business wishing to make a difference. We currently work with large enterprise organisations, medium and small corporates as well as Government agencies. We deliver best of breed consultants, and services to make a difference.

Our service mantra: provide the best service, advice and guidance to help achieve your vision, mission and objectives. We are at your service….

Company ethos and principles .

Our core values

INTEGRITY – Working towards the highest standard; We are honest and ethical in all that we do. We are fully open and transparent in our activities. We respect the values of all people in line with our moral and ethical principles.

TRUST – Working with integrity and discretion to help achieve your end goals, We seek to develop enduring business and customer relationships. Loyalty towards our customer base is important to help deliver our promises and your end game.

TRANSPARENCY – We believe complete transparency with all that we do from strategic planning through to delivery and support. Open and honest communications channels are established from the beginning to ensure a healthy working and honest Business relationship and partnership.

COLLABORATION – Working as one; We will work with your priorities and focus on what is required for your organisation, this is achieved through team work, communication and engagement.

RESPECT – Exceeding expectations; We are sensitive to everyone’s point of view, opinion and experiences, we will work toward maintaining dignity within the diverse communities we work with. We support the protection of human dignity, as well as total and unconditional respect for all human rights.

BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS – Our clients needs and interests come first. We are here to serve your needs first and foremost, success will follow. Our goal is to help you if we able to, otherwise we will recommend partners that can help you. We apply Ethical standards in all that we do personally and professionally.

Our people are the foundation of our success; their experiences, their qualifications and know how help make achieving your success even greater.

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