Working with you to determine; your needs and potential options. A product agnostic service based company, we focus on understanding your needs.  We are able to provide you with options; services, providers and technology. Delivering services according to your requirements, by working as Service concierge we are at your Service…..

Business Process Services:

Business Process Improvement (BPI) is a framework which helps organisations identify opportunities to improve existing processes through a continuous quality cycle.. Using a systematic approach, such as BPI, organisations have delivered significant cost savings while becoming more efficient, improving service quality and satisfying any governance requirements. Key activities may include;

Strategic planning
Business process audit, review and/or mapping
Business Process design services
Defining roles and responsibilities, RACI matrix
Developing a performance management framework
Technology review and integration with IT

Working towards Business optimisation internally and
externally through supplier or customer integration…..

Bid Strategy and Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a huge industry for Service Providers, Vendors and Technology partners. As a Customer, we are not always ready and quite often don’t get what we need or want. From a Customers viewpoint, there are many strategies and things that are needed in place in order to successfully understand what needs to be done before going out to tender, RFP. Key activities could include;

Educational and Planning Workshop
Strategy thinking and SoaPs
Roadmap design and development
Tender review process
Balancing Compliance and Deliverables
Business Relationship Management
Vendor and Service Provider selection process

Recognising before you spend your budget, what can be done to ensure value for money and business outcomes.

CaaS - Consulting as a service

We offer a simple solution to short-term engagements. Sometimes you only need assistance or advisory services one day a week or for a relatively short commitment. Our offering is about ensuring you can afford the help without breaking the bank. Without complicated contracts, going out to RFP, or an RFT. We have a range of SME consultants on offering depending on your business needs or problem. Our SMEs offer;

Technical consultants,
Network engineers,
Security specialists,
Strategic consultants
Operating Model
We offer a range of experts at your service…..

You can buy service engagements in various timeslots; – one week or right up to 4 weeks or more. Or buy monthly services – so you only use as required

o    Drawdown facilities

o    Time Management offered and more

How can we be of service?

SIAM Consumer Buying Assessment

Service Integration & Management (SIAM) is becoming more prevalent in the Australian marketplace as a viable strategic sourcing model for IT consumers. With this, there is a requirement for a holistic understanding of all SIAM service elements and their respective price drivers. ITSMC and ETBS have identified an opportunity in the market to assist and enable IT consumers to build and price a bespoke SIAM sourcing model that best fits their end-to-end service management ecosystem.

What we can do for you:

Bring Enterprise Bid expertise
IT Cost and Value Benchmarking
Enterprise Service, Pricing and Performance Assessments
Contract review, development and input
Complete BID review, Strategic, Tactical and Operational data
Ensuring Operational and Tactical data
Strategic Bid Management Services
Review of Framework, Methodologies and Good practices
SFIA defined SIAM capability
Value for Money Procurement
Inbuild compliance, Governance and Management capabilities
CSI lifecycle approach

We’re here to help grow your business with fit-for-purpose SIAM capability.

Service Management Services;

Adopting ITIL into your Service Management capabilities and framework delivers quality outcomes to your business and customers. Ensuring your delivery model is effective by integrating recognized good practices, frameworks, methodologies and standards as part of your overall solution. These benefits could include introducing cost-effective strategies and optimise ITs value to the business. Key activities may include;

Due diligence & assessing current Business and IT capabilities
Strategic planning and roadmap design
Organisational Change, Communications Strategy
Stakeholder and Risk Management
Process Design optimization or design
Establishing Operational and Business Excellence
Training needs analysis, including coordination and or delivery
Certification training via our alliance partners
Performance management framework, KPIs
Service Management practitioner coaching and mentoring services
Go live and Early Life Support

Optimising your Service Management and driving better business outcomes……

Service Integration and Management;

Service delivery within a multi service-provider environment is challenging but achievable, by designing and adopting a Service Integration model. SIAM, Service Integration and Management is a best practice approach and model that enhances the ITIL framework for delivery and coordination of services.
Overlay and integrate a governance framework, this additional capability augments this service further. Service Integration requires integration at the customer, supplier and across the cross-functional (CF) levels.

Designing a Service Integration can help ensure your providers are working within your defined Operating model and Governance Framework. SIAM provides a framework and operating model with clear accountabilities, policies, processes, governance and risk management. It also helps with the supplier/vendor integration, collaboration and
Key activities may include:

Service Integration and Management audit/review
Design Service Integrator and Multi-Source Operating Models
Process, Service, Governance integration modelling
Governance, Policies, Compliance Management development and integration
Process Management, Performance Management, KPI’s
Governance integration such as COBIT
Governance Integration Strategic, Tactical and Operational levels

An Operating model that drives consistency, transparency and
scalability…….we help you put all the pieces of the puzzle together
and managing your supply chain

Service Excellence

We help transform your organisation that cultivates purposeful relationships between your brand and your customers by unlocking your organisation’s real potential. We work with you to understand your customer service needs. The work would include a 360 review of your customer services capability today including reviewing your employee’s skills, and current abilities. We tap into what your customers think of your customer services and also work with call centre/service desks. What we can help you with is;

Developing a customer-centric strategy
Build the beginnings of a culture of service excellence
Maximize human capital to increase performance and profitability
Ensure your employee’s skills and capabilities are where they need to be
We offer full OCM, training and coaching services

We help ensure Customer Excellence becomes part of your organisations DNA.

SFIA Services

Skills Framework for the Information age (SFIA) is:
A practical framework to describe and measure the skills of IT professionals. It enables organisations who use this framework to understand what skills they have, what they need, and identify their skills gaps. ITSMC can help your organisation undertake:

An organisational wide skills assessment
An organisational wide validation sessions
Provide organisational wide skills data showing, what you have, what you need and your gaps
Also used for Talent Management
Learning and Skills Development capabilities

Investing in your core assets, your people…..


Governance plays a vital part within any enterprise, business and IT organisation as it provides a cohesive approach to governing your business. Without governance how are you delivering your customers services but more important understanding if they are at the right level? Governance should form part of your delivery model and be integrated with your other frameworks and good practices. A review of your existing Governance capabilities or establishing frameworks can provide opportunities to improve, establish and promote governance activities.

Services may include;

• Audit and advisory services
• Policy Formation
• Process and Procedure benchmarking
• Integration services and operating models
• Service Integration and Management

Good Governance is about conformance and performance…


As Business and IT ecosystems evolve, how are you placed and keeping up with disruptive technology and the challenges they bring? How is IT supplying services demanded by the business? Or is the Shadow IT department slowly coming out of the dark and delivering services? Unless some sort of business and IT transformation takes place, how will IT been seen as an enabler of service and innovation.

Transformation is a game changer for IT, the business and the staff across the business. IT is a process of multiple activities and streams; reviewing practices, identifying the gaps, designing a roadmap capability, benefits management and value realisation. Planning and designing should incorporate strategic objectives alignment to help drive change. Services may include;

Audit and advisory services
Operational efficiencies optimisation
Governance review and revamp
Technology drive business innovation
Operating model review “today” vs “future” model
Organisational Capability review; People, Process, Partners and Technology stack
Business, Risk Profiling and Management
Organisational Change
Portfolio, Program and Project integration
Establishment and Integration of Governance

Become an enabler of disruption and lead the change……

SIAM and Bid Management Services

SIAM strategy review for Service Providers or customers about to embark on this journey. Our service offering is to review your Bid Management and responses to tenders or your SIAM offering.

Service providers – why are you not winning work from customers that go out to tender?  We offer:

Tender and Bid Management Process review
Your SIAM service offering
Benchmarking services; reviewing your financial costs against competitors and more


Are you about to embark on tendering processes?
Do you need assistance with your strategic planning?
Help you tender writing framework? Ensuring business needs, are you meet?
Review of current contractual deliverables?
Ensuring that what you need in service delivery and your SIAM implementation is well defined and delivers to your changing business needs

Let us help you through our practical experience, marketing understanding and address your business needs.

SIAM Vendor Bid Assessment

Service Integration & Management (SIAM) is becoming more prevalent in the Australian marketplace as a viable strategic sourcing model for IT consumers. With this, there is a requirement for a holistic understanding of all SIAM service elements and their respective price drivers. All of which are critical for IT Service Providers to bid for a Service Integrator (SI) function as part of a SIAM tender process.

What we can do for you:

Bring Enterprise Bid expertise
IT Cost and Value Benchmarking
Enterprise Service, Pricing and Performance Assessments
Contract review, development and input
Complete BID review, Strategic, Tactical and Operational data
Ensuring Operational and Tactical data
Strategic Bid Management Services
Review of Framework, Methodologies and Good practices
SFIA defined SIAM capability

We’re here to help grow your business and increase your bid win rate.

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