Brandjacking and Cyber Security

We had the pleasure of attending the Oceania ISACA 2017 conference hosted at QT hotel in Canberra a few weeks ago. A great two-day conference with excellent presenters from various parts of the industry, from Corporate to Government agencies. Lots of C-Suite speakers and the variety of topics was sensational. The focus was on Risk Management, Cyber Security, Resilience and Assurance services.  All themes so relevant today as Cybersecurity and Risk Management are on most C-suites minds.
However, this is everyone’s problem to work on and conquer! Everyone within an organisation, large or small has an important part to play. Cybersecurity has many important aspects to it:

  • Protect,
  • Identity,
  • Detect,
  • Respond and
  • Recover.

Each of the five categories has sub-categories. The NIST framework is an excellent cybersecurity framework. Click here for more details

The big one for me is Awareness and Training at work. However, I believe we need to go one further. Self-awareness, self-education is just as important. These days many of us have mobile devices, home computers and home offices where we work. Many of us have Office365 emails or use Gmail or other free web services. It is important we also have relevant Security Software on all our devices to protect ourselves. Most of us do. The one thing I often talk to others about is data breaches and the latest scams that are doing the rounds!

Brandjacking is big business…. Xero and MYOB are the most recent targets!
I am self-educating myself through “free” notifications on the latest scams doing the rounds. There are so many, and it boggles the mind that others don’t know about these.
I think it’s important to help yourself and educate yourselves especially if you work from home on your own devices. Do yourself a favor and sign up for notifications; the following offer free information services:

  • MailGuard
  • Nortons
  • Stay smart online
  • Trend Micro and more….

Do yourself a favor and be self-aware, its everyone’s responsibility and accountability!