Essence of ESM

In July we’re heading off to ITX New Zealand’s premier conference! What are we talking about? Well Enterprise Service Management (ESM).

Enterprise Service Management is about applying a service-oriented Business model to the way your organization works internally. It is about an enterprise-wide approach to delivering services, between the Business and IT together.
There are many great things about this approach for everyone. The C-suits gain visibility into what is occurring in the business and IT. Where the bottlenecks are and gain insight into their services. From a customer viewpoint, having just the one portal to consume services is easy and a big business. For Business and IT workgroups delivering services, it’s nice too!
Rolling in Business domains into your Service Mgmt. is a capability which is the essence of ESM. Where you have the 1 tool, and place – portal, catalog, 1place for your customers to go to request services, regardless of whether they are Business or IT services. Is it really that simple?

This is a case study of an ESM journey whereby ill cover:
1. Our Approach
2. Challenges and how we overcame
3. Key perspectives were considered
• End-user perspective
• Service domain perspective
• IT perspective
4. Benefits realisation, VOI
5. A few great Take-away bits and bobs

Dates: July Wednesday 11th of July between 11:40 am – 12:10 pm, itSMFnz (Room 4)